Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Karabiner: Mouse/keyboard customizer for OS X


For beginners, or the one who migrated from Windows environment, Natural Gestures (Scrolling and Swiping) might be bit confusing. But, once you get familiarized with them, it may feel like "What was I doing, all those days?".

It all changed, when I connected external mouse to my Macbook. When you start using that WHEEL, you will be confused.
Luckily there is a setting for mouse, to change scroll behavior (natural or the other way).

But, here's the catch.
If you toggle that setting, it also toggles the same for TRACKPAD!!!!!

I've seen that many people were freaked out and even raised BUG report to Apple. But, all those reports were closed, saying that is not a bug, but intentional feature!!!

For those, who can't leave with such one-sided settings, here is a simple util, which came to my rescue: Karabiner
It's simple, powerful and stable mouse/keyboard customizer for OSX.

Without going into much detail, here's the configuration I used to retain by Natural Gestures of Trackpad and also the intuitive behavior of mouse wheel.

First enable the natural scrolling setting of your Trackpad (OSX Settings).
Then open Karabiner.

Following are the changes I made under "Change Key" tab:

  • Karabiner Core Settings > Exclude devices > Don't remap Apple's pointing devices
  • Pointing Device > Reverse scrolling direction > Reverse Vertical Scrolling
  • Click on "Reload XML" button, which is at the top right corner
That's it!!!!

There are lot more settings/tweaks you can make.