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Mac OSX Yosemite : Good, bad and Ugly

Mac OSX Yosemite : Good, bad and Ugly

I can’t start my review with some statement like “yet another operating system”. Because it is still the same with some differences. I will start with my journey so far with Yosemite.

Sometime back when I saw the preview images, it was like WOW. Are they transforming the Mac into iPhone/iPad? Wait, does it look familiar? Is it somewhat like Material Design of Android? Never mind, what we need is a clean and powerful OS. Mac is already clean and Yosemite seemed much cleaner. Fingers-crossed and waited for official launch.

Finally my AppStore said, here is a powerful OS for you, that too for FREE. Lets talk about this FREE tag later. Just remind me if I missed it. It took some time to install (almost an hour after downloading. Pre- and post-installation….).

Warning: What follows is strictly my opinion.

When I looked at the lock screen for my first boot, I literally shouted WOW. It seems like I’m on an iPad. With no delay I logged into my PC and that’s it. Now my expression changed to OH! What was that? Did I just installed the first generation OS? The colour of text and icons, that dark look, its all like oldest and latest combination.

Dock: It is the best thing happened to the Mac users. But now it has lost its charm. I updated iTunes ahead of Mac and the icon suggested that they are trying to take Mac away from Steve. Also the trash. I feel like throwing it into trash. How beautiful the trash used to be!


That’s it to hate. New look seems refreshing, but the texture of fonts and icons needs an appointment with a stylist. Its time for the good ones.

Spotlight: They surely thrown some spotlight on spotlight, instead of throwing it at corner. It has got everything which you didn’t even asked for. Every result will have a preview and you can play music/movie in background. Wait a minute. If you can’t find where the sound is coming from, just open the spotlight. Its the culprit. Don't forget to look at auto-filling (suggestions) while searching.

Notification Center: It used to push your desktop away, but now it its creeps over it. Along with notifications, there is one more tab “today”, which does what your dashboard does, but in collective manner. Lets see what all can we get from it.

Finder: You won’t find the usual + button. It got replaced with the full screen button. For me, + never behaved properly and I always use Spectacle. Nothing much to say, but it need some styling (colour and texture).

Volume: It doesn’t make those pop sounds while changing levels, which is handy when you are at work.

It seems Yosemite is bit faster than its predecessors. Also it can be integrated with i-devices, which I don’t have.

All these made me say Yosemite is Good, Bad and Ugly.

Oh, the reminder. FREE tag. Again, its completely my opinion. I felt that this free tag is stopping them from giving out their innovations. There might be more in their plate, which they are resisting to serve. If that’s the case, we can expect a complete make over with some GOOD PRICE TAG sometime later.

That’s it form my side. Shower your thoughts below.
Thank you.


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