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QuickSynergy - Control multiple computers with single mouse and keyboard

Sometimes, we may have to access more than one computer simultaneously, and it is not convenient to use multiple mouse and keyboards. To access multiple (mostly 2) computers at a time, one can use a KVM switch. It is a switch which toggles the access of peripherals between two computers. This is bit costly and KVM switches are not so common in electronics shop in your lane. So, here is an software alternative for KVM. QuickSynergy : It is a graphical interface (GUI) for easily configuring Synergy2 , an application that allows the user to share his mouse and keyboard between two or more computers. Also, your clipboard will be shared between the devices. Isn't it cool!! Enjoy multi-tasking.

Mac: Spectacle - Resize windows with ease

If you've migrated from Windows/Ubuntu to Mac OSX, then you might miss the feature of re-sizing the windows (with keyboard) and aligning them properly on top/left/right/bottom/center of the screen. Though we can use the + and - on toolbar to resize, we won't get the expected behavior always :( Recently I came to know about an app, called Spectacle, which comes handy to resize and position the windows with ease. To know more about it and to get it, click here .