Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Find an old archived link on web

Find an old archived link on web
In recent past, I'm need of a tool, to which the provider no longer provides the link to download. Previously I've blogged about Openlogic, which serves this purpose.
Openlogic contains unofficial fork of the original repository, and to be precise, I haven't found the tool I'm in search of. I found Internet Archive : Wayback Machine, while searching for it.

It has got 412 billion stored pages and you may look into older versions of any website or you can get link to any software/tool which used to be a website.
All you have to do is, provide a link or part of a link to search.

For example, to know how my website used to be in 2013, just type
and you can see a calender with some of the dates highlighted, on which they had the snapshot of my website.

You can even provide a part of link. For example, to get the link of older version of Android ADT, search using
You can find a set of links and pick your Magic Wand.