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Fresh Paint - Windows 8 app

I recently found this great app, really superb. Give it a try. Here is the official description:
Meet Fresh Paint – a delightfully realistic and fun painting application for you and your family.
Fresh Paint is an easy-to-use, free app that includes oil paint and all the tools you need to paint.
Whether you are an aspiring artist, parent or child (or child at heart), Fresh Paint will help you unleash your inner creativity.
We believe that brilliant, creative ideas can come from anyone, anytime. It’s time to set your creativity free.
Welcome to Fresh Paint – the canvas for your big ideas.

Fresh paint windows 8 app screenshot

  • Experience highly realistic oil paint. It works just like real oil on a canvas, but just a little easier.
  • Paint without the mess, clean-up and costly supplies.
  • Help your kids be creative and explore their imagination.
  • Blend and mix paints to get just the colour you want.
  • Turn your photos into paintings with Fresh Paint. Import a photo, and then just brush and blend the colours to transform your picture into a beautiful oil painting.
  • Purchase painting templates to help you improve your skill, or purchase colouring pages to help your kids explore their imagination.
  • Choose from different brushes and change your brush size.
  • Erase paint with the eraser and correct any mistakes with the Undo button.
  • Click the Fan button to instantly dry all the paint on your canvas.
  • Paint in the way that is most natural for you. Get hands-on and finger paint, use a stylus or even a mouse or purchase a capacitive paint brush and paint.
  • Easily share your paintings with people you care about. Just swipe from the right edge of the screen and tap “Share.”
  • More than just a digital painting program; Fresh Paint helps you bring your imagination to life.
  • Now available – Disney•Pixar Finding Nemo Pack!
I find it difficult to paint using mouse(may be need little more experience), but really impressive with trackpad.
To install it click here or search it in Windows Store.


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