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Dial-up connection using Command prompt

Connecting to internet using mobile partner or some other program is simple. But it consumes your system resources(around 200 MB of RAM). You can simply save your resources by using command prompt. This method is applicable only on Windows platform. First, install the device driver and create the dial-up connection, or just install the mobile partner(or software that came along with your modem) and connect using it(it will automatically create the dial-up connection). now you can exit that program. Here is the procedure to connect using command prompt: Open command prompt Type the following command rasdial "CONNECTION NAME" Ex: rasdial "TATA DOCOMO INTERNET" To disconnect, rasdial "CONNECTION NAME" /Disconnect You can also automate this process by creating batch file. Connect Open any text editor and copy the following code :Redial rasdial "CONNECTION NAME" if %errorlevel% == 0 exit goto Redial; Replace the CONNECTI

Keyboard keys not working

Recently I faced an issue with my laptop keyboard. Some of the keys are not working. As it is still under warranty, I thought of replacing the keyboard. When I contacted customer support, after listening to the problem he asked whether I tried DRAINING. Then he explained me the procedure, and guess what - it's working perfectly again. Here is the procedure of DRAINING: First shut down the laptop/notebook Remove the battery Also unplug the adapter Now press and hold the power button for about 25-30 seconds Insert the battery again Now power on the laptop by pressing power button(normal booting) Now your keyboard will work again normally. If the problem still persists, consider replacing the keyboard.

Porting LEWA ROM to any device(NOOBS guide)

PREREQUISITES : adb- This will help you out in deadly conditions winRAR - For opening zip files Notepad++ - For editing text ROMS YOU WILL NEED : Base ROM : CM7/MiUi/old Lewa(didn't tried on stock rom) For Your Device LewaOS ROM : Get it from official site. STEPS TO PORT : Open both ROMs using winRAR in two windows..No Need To Extract Go to '/system' and delete '/system/app', '/system/framework' and '/system/media' folder from Base ROM (CM7) Copy '/system/app' , '/system/framework' and '/system/media' folder from LewaOS to Base ROM. Copying can be done by simply drag and drop between the winRAR windows   Go To '/system/bin' of Base ROM --Copy all files present in '/system/bin' to LewaROM. --Now from LewaROM copy all files from '/system/bin' folder to '/system/bin' of Base ROM --This replaces all existing files of same name and adds missing files   Go To '/system/e