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Windows 8 Metro Apps Proxy settings

Case 1: If you are on a internet connection that doesn't require any proxy settings, everything works fine.

Case 2: If your internet connection requires some proxy settings(without authentication), then try this method:
Open internet explorer and set the proxy under Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings.

Now open Command Prompt with Administrative privileges(On start screen type "command prompt", right click on the command prompt app and click on "Run as administrator" which is visible on the bottom of the screen). Now type the following command and press enter.

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

Restart the PC and check out.

Case 3: If your internet connection requires some proxy settings with username and password, then try this method:
  1. Install fiddler
  2. Now please install this addon
  3. Open fiddler and click on Win8 config, then click "Excempt All"
  4. Restart your system
  5. Set the proxy details in proxyfier or proxyfire
  6. Always open fiddler first and you can use it in tray with CTRL+M, then proxyfier(remove from startup)

Now you are ready to use metro apps with proxy settings.


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